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Having a home in Vita Toscana can give you peace of mind. It has a distinctive atmosphere where the facilities and amenities are designed to offer you a high standard living experience. It is a community where there is an invigorating atmosphere, beauty and sophistication as reflected in its facilities and amenities.

Vita Toscana is not just about beautifully crafted homes. It is also a community where you can still enjoy the greenery. There are beautiful gardens everywhere. They also have scenic jogging trails and landscaped parks that are ideal for morning jogs or after-work relaxation. It also features wide open spaces, secure surroundings and exquisite facilities and amenities.

Moreover, there are different facilities and amenities at Vita Toscana that are designed for recreation, relaxation, everyday needs, and security and safety.

Country Club

When you visit this community, the first thing that you’ll probably notice is its grand country club. It is also Italian-inspired. If you are a unit owner, you can hold events, parties and gatherings in the country club. Just within the Country Club, they also have a large swimming pool such that if you feel like taking your family for a swim, you don’t have to go anywhere else. The swimming pool here is well-maintained.

Parks and Playgrounds

Inside the community, you will see several well-tended parks where you can spend a morning walk or just sit by and relax. There are also children’s playgrounds equipped with play sets. These are great places where kids get to meet other kids and safely play after school or during weekends.

Basketball and Tennis Courts

Whether you play professionally or for leisure, the basketball and tennis courts at the Vita Toscana are at par with current standards. If you are a resident, you have access to these facilities and even invite your friends for a friendly competition.

Facilities and amenities for security and safety

Security and safety are the prime consideration of the management of Vita Toscana. They have assigned at least 2 security guards per gate and with a 24/7 roaming security. They also have a high perimeter fence to prevent access by outsiders with bad intensions. Moreover, to strengthen the security, they have also installed a security outpost with trained personnel to guard the perimeter line.

Other facilities and amenities

Aside from those listed above, there are also other facilities and amenities at Vita Toscana that cater to the basic needs of its residence. Among them are the water reservoir and deep wells to ensure round-the-clock supply of water. They have also installed overhead utilities for power, cable and communication lines. Also, trees are planted for boundary lots so you can see a lot of greenery in the community. They have also arranged for alternate day garbage collection for the residents.

At Vita Toscana, you have more than just your basic home. As it is a premium residential community, you can expect that your recreational, security and daily needs are taken care of.

  • Clubhouse
  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
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