Vita Toscana - PRICE LIST

Crown Asia : Vita Toscana For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Martini ₱ 28,800,000 FA: 109 / LA: 165 Other Cuts Available
Lladro ₱ 34,600,000 FA: 211 / LA: 226 Other Cuts Available
Lot Only ₱ 17,100,000 165 Other Cuts Available
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Spot Cash
Reservation: Php 100,000 - Php 200,000
Discount: 8%
Balance: Payable on or before 30 days
Spot Downpayment
Reservation: Php 100,000 - Php 200,000
Downpayment: 15% SPOT DP / 8% SPOT DP Discount / 5% DP payable in 6-14 months
Balance: 80% thru bank financing in 5-15 years
Regular Downpayment
Reservation: Php 100,000 - Php 200,000
Downpayment: 10% SPOT DP/ 10% DP payable in 6-14 months
Downpayment: 80% thru bank financing in 5-15 years


Why Vita Toscana is a Good Investment

7 Million is quite a lot of money for many households. And to think that it is just the minimum cost of housing at Vita Toscana, you may find it extremely expensive and unnecessary to invest in such property. However, the availability of financing makes it possible for a lot of people to afford getting a luxurious Italian-inspired home.

Vita Toscana is worth your investment. In this community, you are not just giving your family a beautiful home. You are bringing them to a safe and secure community where you can elevate your standard of living. Not only that, Bacoor is a booming city with the cost of real estate properties constantly increasing. Your P7-million home now will be worth more than that years from now.

Other benefits of getting a home at Vita Toscana include:

  • It has a strategic location that gives you easy access to nearby cities, airport and big malls.
  • It is close to many offices and schools
  • The homes are elegant, spacious and made of quality materials
  • There is an established community with good management and friendly people
  • The facilities and amenities are top notch

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